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The Legend of the Lima

Lured west by the claims of real estate pitchmen that our area had a wonderful farming climate, early settlers found little water and arid soil. Only lima beans, a dry season crop, would prosper with just the spring rains and the nightly ocean fog for nourishment. Unappetizing as lima beans might have seemed, they were the first crop planted when Encinitas was being settled in the late 1800s, and were the foundation of our beautiful city today. Not as glamorous as garlic, artichokes or flowers, Limas were Encinitas’ claim to fame for many years, from the 1880’s to the 1940’s.

Little was it realized that nearly 130 years later, we would be celebrating the lowly bean with annual Lima Bean Cook-offs! Lima Bean ice cream, cake, cookies, dips and many other exciting dishes have been created for previous contests – nothing like your mama’s lima beans.

This year, the San Dieguito Heritage Ranch is looking for creative Amateur, Professional and Kid chefs to compete in our Lima Bean Cookoff. Celebrity judges will determine awards in each division for each category and for the Best Vegetarian Dish. A ‘People’s Choice’ award will be selected in each division by the tasting participants. The five categories include Appetizer, Salad, Side Dish, Entrée/Soup and Dessert. Each category will be divided into Professional Chef/Restaurant, Amateur and for the first time, a Children’s division. You will be vying with other chefs in your division for cash prizes, gifts, and the coveted Lima Bean Trophy!

Staying true to our Lima roots, we will begin the tastings with pioneering family Richard Scott’s Traditional Pre-1940 Lima Beans. From there, numerous local chefs’ imaginations take over, thinking outside the bean pod to create exciting new dishes. The Heritage Ranch will provide the cooks with large dried lima beans, visit us during Museum hours 12pm to 4pm Thursday through Sunday.

This event is free and family friendly. The Heritage Ranch’s Chuck Wagon will sell food and refreshments. A Beer Garden sponsored by Hess Brewing and Horseshoe Tournament hosted by Cardiff Riviera Horseshoe Club will add to the fun. For more information, or to buy pre-event tasting tickets, visit the website at  The Heritage Ranch is located at 450 Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas.

Lima Bean cook off form and guidelines 2018

Horseshoe Tournament

Get here by 9am to register to compete in our tournament sponsored and hosted by Cardiff Riviera Horseshoe Club. Sign ups start at 9am, tournament begins at 10am sharp. Doubles, draw your partner, single elimination. Win BIG prize money and support the SDHM. $20 entry fee, all are welcomed to compete.

Huge thanks!!

Greenville Bean Association donated our lima beans!